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Death by Party | Electric Wizard

There has been a lot of coffee break debate around here recently, a few fights too, coming up with our vote for the greatest Stoner Rock album of all time.

Now if you are about to get into a fight at your office, remember these tips:

-Your levels of strength and endurance will be a major factor should the fight last more than a few seconds. Some combat-specific weightlifting will be immensely beneficial – one of the best sources of information for this is Bud Jeffries, at
-Before engaging in combat make a mental note whether your opponent is right or left handed, this can help pre-emptive strikes.
-Don’t be afraid to strike first, if you sincerely believe that you are not going to escape the situation without a fight; your goal is to get through the situation without being hurt, not to observe ‘rules’, or to look macho by beating someone in a ‘fair fight’ You can fight with honor and lose, or fight to survive and win.
-Also always stand your ground
-Always stay calm. anger will make your fighting worse, and will make your punches weaker.

Then there is the other strategy:

-Tell your co-workers to suck your dick and then flip off your boss. He is probably a pathetic little tyrant and will not be expecting you to stand up for him self.
-Go home and smoke a shit ton of hash out of your big brothers hookah. Then sink into your beanbag and let your mind slowly melt out of your ears like lava lamp wax because you always knew the answer was Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone. (The world is coming to an end anyway)

– Jimi Jam

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