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Death by Party | Simone Kross

I don’t know why, but I feel like every time I write one of these entries about an individual, I feel compelled to re-iterate the instructions given to us by management. Perhaps because these instructions and criteria are confusing and like any fledging company, every single aspect of this project is evolving. At times the management squabbles about the guidelines and presentation; so much so that most of the writing in the Fuck Saints category has focused on the category more than the porn stars. Often, so goes the Lords of the Underground. Brown has a strange criteria for who goes in what category that’s filled with minutia based logic. Black has his own view on how this should be done and has been trying to change the title to “Talent We Want on Our Payroll.”   You’ve got the home grown proprietor butting heads with the Corporate headquarters advisor; neither seem to have total veto power. The titles of blog entries and categories change back and forth randomly as their mood fits, sometimes editing and re-editing like a duel.

I digress with this not to complain about the madhouse that is this company, but because it’s hard to categorize, and some people you really can’t categories at all. Simone Kross is one of them. She is a very intense pro dom, a beautiful and intimidating model. She is a  highly talented musician and heads up Oakland band Punk Rock Audrey. Particularly on the west coast, she garners a very large following. So I ask you, how do you categorize a force of nature like Simone? Really you don’t, but I think she comes to mind when I say the words “Lord of the Underground” out loud. Iconic, breathtaking and unforgettable. I fantasize all the time about Simone incorporating all of interests and abilities at once. I want her to tie me up, undress, squat over me and give me a golden shower while she serenades me with her acoustic guitar.

What do you say Simone, will you be my piss fantasy?

-Annette Garcia

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3 Responses to “Dominate”

  1. Doc says:

    Hot, but didn’t Polly Jean do this years ago?

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  3. simone kross says:

    Dear Annette Garcia & Swellco & Swellco,
    Just a note of thanks for the write up, ya’ll ROCK !!!
    And Annette Darlin’ fantasies do come true and can 4 U aaaah haha

    Heya Doc … Polly Jean is a great inspiration and I have always loved her music. As it turns out I happen to have a similar sound and many influences however, not all my songs sound like Harvey. I like her raw sound for sure and Quiet Contempt has that raw sound. If you are so inclined perhaps you will check out my music page on reverbnation

    If YOU want me to tie you up tease and torment you well THAT is also possible. The Simone Kross Kross Kountry Tour is coming in 2011

    Extending my very best to SwellCO…ROCK n ROLL

    Simone Kross

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