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Death by Party | Goodbye model airplanes

So I’ve got to admit that I’ve totally been geeking out the last two weeks. I’m not sure how I got involved in virtual render modeling, but some how I got sucked in. Like everything else, hobby modeling went virtual. You don’t have ant farms, you’ve got sims. You don’t bust out the monopoly board when your friends come over, you bust out the wii, and load the monopoly board. For some reason simulating reality is always more appealing to people than living in it. So goes the day’s of model glue, fine sandpaper and tiny, tiny brushes. Now you can build dioramas, customize them, detail them to the tiniest minutia and then load them up with various figures and scenarios. But also gone are the WWII dioramas and the F-16’s hanging from your ceiling. All things left to the imagination and will of the people always leads to sex. The free market left completely unchecked always takes you on a fast ride down the perverts rabbit hole. Modern modeling companies exist in the anonymous virtual world and don’t have to worry about their products being pulled from the shelves because moral zealots were offended. So the virtual model kit is a source to pull your most most intimate, twisted fantasies into play.

At you can find everything you need, and shit can get real weird fast. Say you want a freckled 5’1′ girl with b cup breasts, blonde hair in pig tails and knee high boots to have a golden shower gang bang in a log cabin with a centaur and three midgets who are all wearing capes and gag balls, as a large robot with rocket launchers for arms and a drill for a cock butt fucks a multi-tentacled squid alien, while Santa Claus is hanging by his arms and getting flogged by a snake woman dressed in an SS uniform… well, they can make that happen.

-Kevin Dalton

If you are into it, check out the site

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