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Death by Party | Taxidermy Pig-Piggy Bank By The Cheeky

I’m not surprised when I see something controversial coming out of Canada. It is, after all, one of the most morally bankrupt and mentally ill societies in the world. And so goes the dead piggy bank.

If you haven’t heard about the taxidermied baby piggy bank, you probably live in box in my basement like my ex-girlfriend.  It’s all over the news and it appears to be causing all kinds of trouble. The British Columbia based novelty item company that sells the little fucker for $4000.00 a corpse is getting death threats & protests. Vancover Magazine is bracing for a letter campaign against them by PETA for running an ad for it. Humans amaze me. Millions of people are walking down the street right now, carrying change in dead animals strapped to their arms. What’s the big deal? Is it that it has a face? Well guess what, those shoes once had a face, that hamburger once had a face. I want to protest these guys too, but because of the price tag. I bet if I ask real nice and club it myself, Beth Beverly would probably make me one for a lot less.

-Marcus Aubrey

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