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I’m going out on a limb here, and tossing what ever indie credibility I may have on the chopping block and write why I think Delilah’s Den is a great place.

I’m going to start off with the assumption that you are o.k. with strip clubs. This isn’t a debate about whether or not they are sexist, or exploitive or a blue balls rip off.  I am going to stand up and defend Delilah’s Den because they have some fucking amazing burlesque & show girl shit going on.

For those of you outside of Philadelphia, Delilah’s Den is Philly’s most upscale club, and is generally considered one of the best in the country. It’s not a road side trucker trap, or a grimmy ghetto dump. The girls are appropriately beautiful and predatory, the clientele appropriately douchey.  I say defend because I know that while most of our followers are degenerate hedonists, we attract a very underground crowd. If you are reading this you are probably a metal head, a crust punk, a hipster, an insane anarchist, a tattooed freak or an art school wash out. Basically no one who would ever be caught dead admitting they gave money to the barbie doll dancers of Delilah’s Den.

But what most bohemians who read this blog don’t realize is that there is some very solid showgirl stuff going on at Delilah’s. I, like most of the staff here, love the art house burlesque troupes that pepper the country. But Delilah’s does gorgeous extremely high end show girl nights. Acrobatics, group choreography and burlesque with a budget that would crush any of the “I do it for art” troupes.

I strongly recommend it. True they don’t serve PBR in a can. True you can’t wear your cut off hipster shorts. True you are surrounded by douche bags and the girls will probably ignore you for the fat old man with the bulging wallet. But that’s a good thing. Let those people give up all their money for a woman they will never have. It lets you slip in and enjoy an eye bulging fantasy.  If I see you there, I promise not to tell any of your friends down at the Dive bar.

Check out their site to see when they have their next theme night

-Kevin Dalton

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