Pimping Huoratron


Death by Party | Aku Raski

I’m more of a Rock n Roll kind of a girl. I like big deep dark riffs, howling men in tight jeans and long hair. That’s why I was surprised at how much I’ve been digging on Finland’s thrash metal electro outfit Huoratron (pronounced whore-a-tron). Maybe it’s the oversexualized pounding distorted bass or the grimey gripping synth. It’s probably the  hot  “Paranormal Activity-esque” amateur porno flick of a video they have for their track Corporate Occult. It might be founder Aku Raski’s sexy beard or hypnotic stare. In any case,  you can definitely hear the metal and industrial influences in mechanized machinery driven beats grinding you to the dance floor.

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-Felicia Jackson

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