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Death by Party | Mini Kiss

Right after I wake up from the infamous before it’s even happened party on the 29th, (assuming I go to sleep) I am off to celebrate my wedding anniversary which is on the 31st. I have no idea what we are doing, because my very warped wife took charge this year. She is one of those giddy, bad card players who is just beaming with the urge to divulge the secret. In fact half the time she is almost begging to. I chose not to know and it’s been driving her even more insane than she already is. The one thing she did divulge, was a change in plans. She had been making arrangements for us to see Mini-Kiss on Halloween/our anniversary. Sadly, she had read the date wrong and was off by a year.

I was bummed. Better not to have known. I would far rather see Mini Kiss in a Jersey night club than the ridiculous old men stumbling around a stadium. My heart raced at the thought of it and fell at the idea of missing them.

My interest in little people isn’t the same interest of anti-PC comedians, or people seeking novelty. Reality demands conformity to function and the population is crushing in on itself. In my world view, difference is king. Compound that with technology that allows parents to end pregnancies if birth anomalies are detected, and you suddenly have a world where physical difference is more and more rare. Little People are becoming extinct. Like my Idol, P.T. Barnum, I believe these people are special. Not special ed, but special like a gem to be venerated. These are real stars, just by being. In a world of same same, god bless the different.

I may miss Mini Kiss this year, but god damn it if I don’t get to see them soon.

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-R.E. Brown

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Shhhh… The party is at the Khyber Pass Pub, 56 S. 2nd St., Olde City, Philadelphia
Password: Tubal Cain

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