My Love Letter To Tommy Lee

 Motley Crue's Tommy Lee

Death by Party | I’m sorry I missed your birthday Tommy Lee

A belated birthday wish to Mister Tommy Lee, another year gone by and the sex, drugs, rock and roll have all kept you in pristine perfection. You have permission to beat me, hard, for not sending your titty shaped birthday cake on time. What are you now? 23? Maybe in your pants. I do not care about your dong size, or age Mister Lee. I just thoroughly enjoy the thought of how good you would look in a cage in my basement, while all of my attractive female friends throw cookies and crackers in between the bars and poke you with sticks. OH. you would sing to us, the devils music all night long. Play dress up too.

I can thank you for helping to aid our generation’s obsession with sex, drugs, and devils music. Without the Crue and their mayhem, where would we be? Still listening to the Backstreet boys. Oh, my bad. Some of you shits were NSYNCers. Bah. Hiss. Tommy boy, you would never have stood for this.

And on that note, I leave you with one of my favorites. Boy, did it work for them.
Take me to the top, and take off my top Tommy!

Keycifer Blakk

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