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Female wrestler and nude model, April Hunter

Death by Party | April Hunter

One of the worlds biggest fantasy/nightmares most men have is the Amazonian woman. The drop dead beautiful warrior goddess that gives you a giant hard on right before she kicks the shit out of you. You know what, scratch that. I say men, but I’m sitting here thinking about April Hunter and how hot it is watch her body slam men and women, and I’m getting completely turned on. I’ve seen April wrestle several times. Like an adolescent boy, I always watch with the hope that some how her top will rip off. That being said, I’m not going to go into some examination of the male psyche.

Instead lets just talk about April Hunter. She’s a sexy, hulking, female body builder & wrestlers. She’s built, but not so overly muscular that she doesn’t seem feminine. She’s wrestled woman and men. She poses for a lot of nude photography and and does an occasional softcore spread.

I spend a lot of time around artsy fartsy hipster girls. The whole frumpy neo-hippie mixed with 80’s house wife look is all around me. There is something refreshing about going to a minor league wrestling match and salivating over a big silicon breasted, big haired, pornstar stylin’ jock girl who takes me to fantasy island with her moves.

April Baby, if you’re into girls in real life, I’ve got an open invitation. It involves you, me, a bag of ecstasy, a bunch of rope, a horse tail butt plug and full bladders.

Be sure to check out her site.

-Annette Garcia

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