The Acid Squid’s Video Circus Photo Shoot

John Weir photo shoot at the Video Circus

Death by Party | Clown ass Squidly

There is nothing more disheartening than coming across possessions of a dead man. This blog post was sitting in our que, waiting for John to write it. He was painfully slow getting content to us, slower to post blogs. This night was particularly amusing because he didn’t know I intended to have him appear in the video shoot. Since he had started taking pictures, he had wanted to completely move behind the camera. When I told him to get undressed and get ready for a face full of clown makeup, he was less than pleased. But John was very easily convinced when 5 hot half naked girls drug him to the seat and started taking off his clothes. He had told me that the blog entry was going to be titled “Robert Eric Brown is a lying dick.”  I would have been ok with that. I got some amazing shots from him from both ends of the cameras. What’s up, you fucking clowny ass clown? Guess you can’t talk that shit now.

…but we all wish you could.

Check out the rest of our fallen man’s photo journal.

-R.E. Brow

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