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Death by Party | Shatner Sings Rocket Man

Everybody has a go-to karaoke jam.  For years my song was The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore) by the Walker Brothers.  I have a deep voice and this song goes good with my baritone vocals.  The lyrics are easy meaning I don’t have to be an amateur staring at a computer screen and I can work with the crowd.  This classic song is also rare in most circles so it makes me look like I have great musical knowledge, which is always a score around people you don’t know.

In the world of karaoke there are two people to watch out for, those who request Billy Joel songs and Asian people.  Most of the Billy Joel song-requesters, in my experience, are usually the type that sang in musicals at some point.  They’re the type that have taken voice lessons or may even be the ones who teach it.  And nine times out of ten they hit the ball out of the park meaning you can’t upstage them if you follow them and if you precede them they’ll make you look like the village idiot.  Asian people have karaoke in their blood.  I’ve had the pleasure of dating one and you know what her family used to do on a typical Friday night?  You got it; sit at home and sing karaoke.  They’re seasoned pros.

Anybody stepping up to the mic during karaoke strives to bring the house down.  They want to be William Shatner singing Rocket Man or Kevin Spacey singing Jealous Guy.  And they want to make all those watching them wish they were them.  Next time you want to get the courage to get up and sing around a bunch of strangers I’d suggest checking out this video.  You may just become the next youtube sensation that the Internet forgets much faster than it makes you memorable.

By Lou Cervantes

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