Whisky Made From Urine Of Sick Old People

Gilpin Family Whiskey made from elderly diabetics

Death by Party | Gilpins Whisky: If you’ve got lemons

Making gingerbread houses is one of the most irrelevant things known to man.  I never understood it.  You slave over putting your favorite candies on display only to see them go bad over time.  Granted it makes for good memories to create with your children but it’s bittersweet in the end.  Food is meant to be enjoyed, not looked at.  A gingerbread house may as well be a sand castle.

In this country we have some weird fascination with wasting food.  I never understood it.  People love playing with food.  This wouldn’t be so bad if others weren’t going hungry, and I’m not even talking about those in developing nations, hunger is just as much a problem in parts of this country as it is around the world.  I get mad even when I see a display tray at a restaurant, it’s like you can’t even take a picture and showcase it at the front.  You have to lay a good meal to rest.  Maybe it’s used to feed the vermin.

The only thing I can respect is when food and art merge into a concept.  Gilpin’s family whisky represents this concept.  If you think making gingerbread houses is laborious, try distilling whisky for the sake of art.  Gilpin does it using the urine of sick elderly people and than displays his bottles at exhibits using the name of the donor.  In many cases you’d think I’d protest in watching my favorite liquor become almost irrelevant but in this rare case art wins.  And the worse part about this example is Gilpin actually samples his art.  You can have this whisky, I’ll pass; in fact now I question whether or not I can ever drink whisky the same ever again.

More Here: Gilpin Family Whisky made from diabetics’ urine.

By Lou Cervantes

Gilpin Family Whiskey made from elderly diabetics

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    So cool! Thanks.

  2. Ghostassnigga says:

    Bro, this is gross. But you gotta try everything once!

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