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Death by Party | The Collective Bad Dream

Your family values guide your decisions. Every decision you make is based on values. If you choose not to get up for a morning jog, then you are valuing sleep over exercise in that moment. If you allow your child to stay home from school because she complains of a stomach ache, then you are valuing your child’s health over her education that morning. Many of the day-to-day decisions are made without even thinking about them, but they should all represent what’s important to you.

Sometimes, however, you’ll notice some decisions are much harder to make. It’s usually because you’re struggling with a value conflict. I think one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make was whether or not I should put my older son on the street corner to sell that fresh ass. The value conflict I wrestled with was his physical/mental/emotional health vs. my own financial reward. Until I was very clear which was most important to me, I battled with guilt and apprehension. Today I am totally comfortable with my son turning tricks because I ultimately decided that my financial reward was more important than the risks I may be taking in getting busted by the man.

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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