Talent We Wish Were On Our Payroll

Baby faced nude model, Ariel Rebel

Death by Party | Ariel Rebel – Baby face trouble

When puberty strikes in the midst of the early years of our teens, powerful impressions are made upon our unconscious minds. Objects of our adolescent lust interact with and transcend into erotic archetypes and depending upon our focus of attention, can result in life long fetishes or at the very least strong attractions to persons who remind us of that initial flame of desire.

Some theorists posit, that if the object of our attraction happened to be an older teacher, we may have developed an attraction to MILFS or Daddy/Authority figures. If our loins were burning for one of our younger peers, a powerful predilection towards lolita or faunlet types may still linger. And yes, while attractions change, develop, broaden and mature over time, there’s no question as to the powerful influence of ‘first lust’.

Undoubtedly, Ariel Rebel‘s delicate nymphet-like features push a number our buttons here at  office.

Her ‘apparent’ innocence and feigned ‘naivety’ begging to led into debaucherous knowledge; her lithe and nubile body crying to be physically challenged… it is no wonder she’s developing a cult-like following on her rise to stardom in the adult entertainment industry.

Ariel Rebel‘s magical power over the minds of men, is exactly the kind of power we covet here at Swellco & Swellco, and if we could fit her in the budget… we’d love to have her on the team.

The lovely Ariel Rebel

-Dr. Santiago Preta

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