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Death by Party | Rubin & Ed

The video above is a short clip from one of the greatest films ever made, entitled “Ruben and Ed” It is also one of the most difficult to find films ever made. It stars the great Crispin Glover as a shut in who is on a mission to bury his dead cat after his mother makes him remove it from her freezer and Howard Hesseman as a motivational seminar salesman who offers to help him if he attends one of the seminars. But there is a really fascinating and little known-remembered story connected to Rubin and Ed.

In the late 80’s Glover was hot off his stint on the sit com Family Ties and had transitioned into film. After he and his Family Ties costar Michael J. Fox (who’s that?) had filmed Back to the Future, Glover was widely considered a break through actor with a big future. In 1986, He filmed two movies. Rubin and Ed, and Rivers Edge with Keanu Reeves. (who’s that?) He was booked on Late Night with David Letterman to promote Rivers Edge. Glover decided to pull a move out of Andy Kaufman’s playbook and came on the show as the character Rubin. He didn’t tell ANYONE. Letterman was baffled and clearly stressing out and the whole thing was awkward and uncomfortable. As Rubin Farr would, he threw a tantrum and threatened to kick Letterman in the head with his six inch platform shoes. Letterman left the stage and they had to escort Glover/Rubin off the show.

Now at some point, people would eventually have gotten the joke, but Rubin and Ed was delayed in it’s release until almost 1991 to almost no theaters and was never distributed on VHS or DVD. Glover NEVER told people it was a prank and the general consensus was that he was insane, on drugs or both. He never did more than bit parts after the incident.

-James Jarvis

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