Lady Gaga, The Illuminati And You

Lady Gaga and the IlluminatiLady Gaga and the Illuminati

Death by Party | All hail the new flesh

When I was first asked to meet with the Board of Directors at Swellco & Swellco, I couldn’t help but sense a feeling of honor having stumbled upon some of the great diabolical geniuses of our age like Fidel Chupe, Dr. Santiago Preta and Jo Jo Mengle Jr. And to be honest, even my years of research and work in the areas of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming hadn’t prepared me for the first class manipulation of the human psyche these gentleman were capable of. Initially, my inclination was to be a little more subtle as in:

“Hey guys, I’m down with the cause as much as anyone but maybe the giant pentagram with the child and the automatic weapons is a bit much… let’s ease ’em in first. Make it a little more digestible?”

Lady Gaga and the IlluminatiI remember Fidel shaking his head and saying “Listen Blaek, if I were to wait in the alley outside all stealthy-like with a blade looking for suckers to pilfer, I might get one or two before I had to skip out and find a new place to set up shop… because word will get around about the sneaky guy in the alley with a knife. But if I go down there dressed up like a fuckin’ clown, or a leprechaun or even  goddamn Satan himself… holding a frying pan… I’m going to be knocking out suckers and taking their money all goddamn day. Sure, maybe some of em will run off and say ‘Hey! The devil came up from hell and chased me in the alley with a frying pan!’, but who’s gonna fuckin’ believe ’em!? NOBODY! THAT’S WHO!  They’re going to laugh at him like he’s some kinda fuckin’ jerk and it’s business as usual for us. Get it?”

Lady Gaga and the Illuminati

And while I did get it intellectually, it wasn’t until reading this article in The Guardian, about Illuminati puppet Lady Gaga and the New World Order that it really sunk in. While people will note and protest mere corruption or injustice, when it comes the downright wicked, people  will laugh off and disregard the blatantly obvious horror in front of them as if it doesn’t exist or better yet, rationalize it as cutting edge, hip and desirable rather than come terms with the implications of their roles as victims or prey. Furthermore, they will ridicule those who raise alarm as buffoons at best and paranoid mad men at worst. The fact is, if you have a truly evil intent, all you have to do is design your methods as over-the-top and work your iniquity with a smile, a song and a dance… and they’ll eat it right up. At Swellco & Swellco, we understand that’s a business model you can take to the bank, because in the end, it’s all a joke… right?

Mr. Blaek

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11 Responses to “Lady Gaga, The Illuminati And You”

  1. jenny C says:

    I wanna party with you guys

  2. Trevor Toadie says:

    Lady Gaga has some inspired art directors, stop being so gay.

  3. Tiff an E says:

    fireworks, hot blondes, apple pie, god, america, pop music and satan. Happy 4th!

  4. Doom Metal says:

    Lady Gaga is a stupid slut and the illuminati is a myth.

  5. Skittles says:

    I think you guys have your own agenda and it’s dangerous

  6. meh says:

    Paranoia will destroy yah

  7. suckit says:

    The blonde should get naked. Long live Swellco!

  8. soldier of Christ says:

    Lady Gaga is an instrument of satan, more insidious than Ozzy Osiourne or Marylyn Manson

  9. Are you idiots? Dreams means nothing. I have freaky dreams all the time and I`m not a satanist.

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