Sensuous Black Woman Meets The Sensuous Black Man


Death by Party | “These mother fuckers runnin’ around with their cream puff dicks…”

Yah know… We’ve done some posts on the great album cover art before but this has got to be one of the best ones ever printed. For the longest time I had NO idea that what The Sensuous Black Woman Meets The Sensuous Black Man was, or who The Madam or The Prince was. It didn’t seem to matter.

Big ‘fro’ – check
Semi erect dong- check
Sexy chocolate bush – check

Perfection achieved and the joy was in not knowing. Finally, I gave in and googled it. The answer was as satisfying as the question. “The Prince” is Rudy Ray Moore, “the Lady” is Lady Reed. The album, produced by Moore, is their utterly lewd, utterly perverse, unintentionally hilarious spoken word erotica. It was also released under the name The Rudy Ray Moore Zodiac Album.

While I’m generally a proponent of letting my imagination run wild, I am truly, truly happy that I clicked search on this. Not that I doubted it before, but this is just another true sign that R.R. Moore is the greatest playa to ever have walked the earth.

Now in closing, I quote Ice T.

Don’t hate, cause my game’s much, tighter than yours
My girls, finer than yours
My jewels shine, brighter than yours
You look me dead in my face
then you act like you don’t see me
You wanna be me, you hate my motherfuckin’ guts
Lickin’ nuts – what’s the deal?
It’s a level playin’ field, my games’ against yours, hustlin’ wars
Roll the dice, risk your motherfuckin’ life
Bank rolls and low hoes, anything goes
Ridin’ rolls in a week, clap a nigga who speaks
I’m suceedin’, in tryin’ to keep from bleedin’ in the lane
Crystal Meth, F.C.C., and Crack, Cocaine
Got a nigga tryin’ to figure out the best route
I got cops in my rear view too, but I’ll shoot
Every bitch I meet is fuckin’ up to somethin’
Take a nigga to the crib lay him down and start dumpin’
Gat pumpin’, they’ll kill your ass for a G
Hate the game motherfucker don’t hate me
Don’t hate the player, hate the game
Niggas, sharpen your aim
Every baller on the streets is searchin’ fortune and fame
Some come up, some get done up, except the twist
If you out for mega cheddar, you got to go high risk
Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

-James Jarvis


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