El Santo, Mi Santo

Lucha Libre's El Santo

Death by Party | Que es mas macho?

The weather is shit outside. It’s 125 degrees out with 100% humidity. The stink of trash from my no account low life nieghbors sitting outside eating buckets of chicken and gutter dumping the bones is unbearable. I never had no account for flies.

I”ve watched 9 straight hours of Lucha Libre wrestling movies. 9 straight hours of El Santo, the Blue Demon & Mil Mascaras. I watch them backwards because that’s just how I do. These masked bitches always fight midgets in furry suits. Don’t seem too sporting but I can’t look away.

Later two thick mamas are coming over and I am going to break out the Quaker State. Until then, here I sit. I’m prisoner of the seasons with a corn cob up my ass and lipstick stuck to my teeth just wrestle movie waiting for my late night plans. On that note, I leave you with a haiku.

El Santo on screen
Motor oil on my hammer
Hoodrats bounce their ass

-Uncle Wheat Toast

Photos courtesy of http://fuckyeahluchalibre.tumblr.com

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