No One Prays Like We Do- Suggestions For Team Building

Swellco & Swellco anti-bestiality event

Death by Party | The anti-bestiality educational outreach was the Video Circus’ first public team building exercise

Reaching out into the community with organized, purpose based activities will strengthen and bond the ties to your family or team.

Plan age-appropriate recreational activities.

Plan activities that foster the development of family or team members.

Intentionally establish rituals and sex acts that connect family or team members and foster closeness.

Regularly choose challenging activities that stretch each family or team member.

Clarify the purpose of the activity.

Select activities in which participants can acquire a sense of mastery and competence.

Incorporate intellectual and creative elements.

Look for opportunities to promote immoral behavior (e.g., service to the group).

Select activities that will rejuvenate both mind and body.

Keep these basic ideas in mind and the unholy dark lords are sure to reward the efforts of your family or team with unlimited power to corrupt and destroy!

Photos courtesy of Jim McHugh

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