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star wars collector plates

Death by Party | “Antique” Star Wars Collectors Plates By Beat Up Creations

So I had to write a post on these “Antique” collectors plates. Not just just for the usual “oh check out this weird new thing I found, aren’t I edgy for finding it” entry. I’m sure a hundred blogs have been written about these plates by now. I’m posting them for the strange philosophical reality I think they represent.

Last week I was having dinner with his holiness, the old man himself R. E. Brown. We were talking about the surrealness of the next couple of generations reaching senior status. (Something he is starting to loose his shit over. Ha!) I’m sure it won’t phase nurses aids fifty-sixty years from now, but it’s fun to think about 90 year old women covered in shriveled tats with big round perky fake boobs and doddering old men boring their grand kids about how much ecstasy they ate at the Lady Gaga concert, or as old man Brown said, having his beloved childhood group NWA playing on his antique victrola, (ipod)

“Grandma, what’s a Boba Fett?”

Stop by Altered Antique Plates at BeatUpCreations’s Shop for all your hipster old lady needs.

-Felicia Jackson


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