That Shit Is Real

Phat Azz model Buffy the Body

Death by Party | Buffie The Body

In honor of the upcoming Hip Hop Dance Party Benefit for Baby Cheezwits, I am picking Buffie the Body as a Lord of the Underground. This is also a gift to Uncle Wheat Toast who has an obsession for giant bouncing oiled phat azz. (If you don’t believe me, check out any one of his advice columns) He also has a poster of Buffie on his wall that is covered in mustard stains. I think it’s mustard stains. Well, yellow something stains.
Buffie is the all hailing queen of the big bedonkadonk video hoes. She has more junk in her trunk than George Clinton’s got funk. Here booty can brake broom sticks. The Jolly Green Giant could choke on her onions. When she starts bouncing that shit, furniture brakes. When you mention Buffie’s Ass, you’re in the realm of some real talk.

Check out her site and never come back the same.

– Jimi Jam

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  1. it's not to late says:

    Acts 3.19
    Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

  2. thumpit says:

    That’s some ass!

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