Warning Signs Of The Occult

Warning signs of the occult

Death by Party | Devil is everywhere

-Views videotapes excessively of horror, heavy metal music.
-Involved in drugs or sexual activity.
-Heavy into fantasy games. Note: Fantasy games have no rules or guidelines. They encourage creativity without boundaries. The player loses the boundary between reality and fantasy.
-Computer interest.
-Greeting with left hand horn signal.
-Wearing only silver jewelry, will not wear gold jewelry. Note: Gold jewelry is considered a christian metal.
-Phone calls asking for someone other than your child’s name. Caller may be asking for your child and using their satanic name.
-Obsessed with death.
-Writing essays and reports on death and/or the occult.
-Changes in bedroom. Note: A bedroom changes as the child changes. Some will have pentagrams, other symbols taped or painted on floor under the carpet or bed. Candles and occult objects will be hid away. Room painted black.
-School Locker containing satanic items.
-Gender confusion.
-Fearful. This is due to willful or unwillful confession of all past sins for cleansing. This is taped and used against them if they try to leave the group.
-Unreasonable feelings of paranoia directed toward authorities.
-Drug interest, especially the use of hallucinogens.
-Depressive personality.

warning signs of the occult
-Wearing pale make-up, dyeing hair black.
-Draping hair across the left eye.
-Listening to black metal or heavy metal music groups with occult lyrics, symbols or references to occult worship.
-Fingernails of hand painted black. Left hand nails longer than right hand. Note: The left side of body represents evil.
-Pre-occupation with black clothing.
-Books dealing with rituals, necromancy such as The Believer Books on Satanism, black magic, or witchcraft. (Including Christian material.)
-Helter Skelter Faces of Death Videos,
-Mutilation and/or torture of animals.
-Secretive and isolated.
-Rejection of friends.
-Excessive secrecy regarding new friends and activities.
-Alienated, argumentative or violent behavior.
-Rejection of parental values.
-Loss of humor.
-Change of school habits.
-Left sleeve rolled up by itself. Note: This is used in school, malls, etc. to signify membership in satanic group
-Use of less light and use of candles.
-Satanic alphabet used on notebooks.
-Writing backwards.
-Carrying Book of Shadows. Note: This is their most important book of poetry, prose, spells, incantations, meeting places. Usually in a spiral notebook. May have another book cover over it.
-Self-mutilation cuts on a continual basis. Note: Cuts may be on the breast, ankles, and arms. Needle marks use to drain blood for consumption. Take note for marks on left side of body.

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