Not At Walmart

Custom Toys of artist Ken Keirns

Death by Party | Ken Keirns Custom Toy Collection

I’ve been a rabid toy collector for years. When I was a kid I would tear through the isles of Target looking for Spawn characters and the 50th storm trooper variation designed to suck away my allowance. As I got older, my taste in these useless pieces of plastic started veering towards the more artsy fartsy limited edition kubricks. Who needs a savings account when you can split half your income between Jinxed Philadelphia and Toy Tokyo in NYC. My collection has even surpassed that of the Acid Squid.

I would argue that this is really a true art movement. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at this shit. Ken Keirn is an amazing painter; he’s surreal and hypnotic. But when he creates his one of a kind hand painted toys, he proves my point without arguement. This is my idea of window shopping masturbation.

Be sure to check out his site, it has a great portfolio of toys and paintings

– Jimi Jam

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