In Defense Of Foul Language

Defending the use of foul language

Death by Party | My love affair with shit fuck

One of my long time mantras, or slogans has been Beauty in Vulgarity, Passion in Madness. Now this may sound like an juvenile slogan, and perhaps when I started toying with the phrase, it probably was. But then, around that time I was writing artist statements about punching viewers in the face. I have a always tried, (albeit some would question how successfully) to balance between two worlds. To gain the life experience of those totally outside of society, and those who embrace it. A painter needs to know how to render realistically before he can credibly create abstract, a printer needs to craft fine lined etchings before he can move to free flowing monotypes. My Palahniuk/Bukowski instincts to stay outside of the “squares” world have always been tempered with an education of the etiquette I chose to ignore. I know where the salad fork goes. So when I go to the dinner party and eat with my hands, it’s not ignorance, it’s choice. I’ve always made the statement that I can blend in at either a biker rally or a black tie affair and you would never be able to pick me out.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been making a conscious effort to cut out all vulgar “verbal crutches” effectively eradicating all standard four letter words in an attempt to improve my speaking skills and mastery over the English language. But recently I got around to watching Deadwood. After 10 straight hours with my jaw open and brain stuffed with ear candy, I realized I had started going down the wrong path. I realized (perhaps remembered) that vulgarity isn’t a crutch in language, it’s an emphasis, an exclamation. It serves it’s purpose. The use of vulgarity helps define the line between classes and status. Vulgarity separates those outside of society. (or defines separate ones) It helps the upper crust look down, and helps the dregs give the finger back up. I realized I forgot about my love affair with shit fuck.

I have an excellent knowledge of art, history and politics. I am educated and well read. I have a solid knowledge of food and wine. And it is absolutely against my nature and belief system to avoid peppering vulgarity throughout conversations in these or any other contexts. There IS Beauty in Vulgarity. When you constrain yourself with the strangle tie of propriety and etiquette, you squeeze out all the joy in life’s experiences. Temper your ego, then let the Id shine through.

-R.E. Brown


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