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The Fish Fetish Porn of Genki Genki

Death by Party | What Have You Done Genki-Genki? #3

I’m continuing my ongoing internal and external debate about the absolutely disturbing Japanese bug and sea creature fetish porn known as Genki-Genki. Daikichi Amano, the proud purveyor of some of the most disturbing and perversely beautiful images ever put to print and video has always maintained that he is NOT an artist. That Genki-Genki is straight up porn. I take some issue with this. I personally categorize porn as something arousing, that you can use for masturbatory material. I don’t believe this is really porn. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea of someone physically getting off on this stuff. Honestly, I keep returning to this because I can’t wrap my mind around the images themselves. His ability to mix beauty with grotesque and profane with sensual is clearly art. I think. These images were from a gallery event Amano did in Germany. Clearly someone convinced him that he needs to rethink how he categorizes himself.

Visit his site, only if you are really ready to go there.

-Annette Garcia


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2 Responses to “Spit It Out”

  1. Arturo says:

    Hi Annette
    In regards to your post on ‘What have you done Genki-Genki? #3’
    You mention that you keep returning to this because you can’t wrap your mind around the images themselves.

    I find these images interesting and arousing …lol
    Call me sick or whatever but men try to explore different things (fetishes) to turn them on…at first I found it disgusting but then after viewing 1 then 2 movies, my curiosity arose
    My opinion is that it may be art but it is indeed PORN, no doubt about it
    Its extreme, but yet it’s porn, I simply call it genius because it is different.
    It’s porn because it causes sexual arousal…the excitement of seeing a woman degraded, controlled and pretty much used as a sex object with contrasting images of beauty and grotesque brings to the psyche a certain kind of excitement.
    Anyway, men are stimulated differently that women so
    you wouldn’t understand.

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