Burn And Burn And Burn…

Flaming Lotus Girls

Death by Party | The Flaming Lotus Girls

Let me tell you about great art. It’s still out there, but it’s not where people are used to looking for it. Great artists, innovative artists don’t hang out in cold clean sterile galleries. They’re out there, in the dirt with the masses. They make shit because they are compelled too, not because they’ve got some rich douche bag on the hook who needs to decorate his office. Enter the Flaming Lotus Girls, superstars of Burning Man and art festival staple. Art should be awe inspiring. Art should be dangerous and art should be accessible to everyone. The Flaming Lotus Girls get these facts and man do they get them right.

-Marcus Aubrey

After you check out their bad ass flame thrower scupltures, go check out their site


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