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Garage rock gods, Guitar Wolf

Death by Party | Guitar Wolf

I think maybe I’m on some subversive counter culture self regret pity party as of late. All I want to write about are performers that I can’t see or that I should have seen, but didn’t.

A few years back I had a chance to see Guitar Wolf play at the Northstar Bar here in Philly and I blew it off. A few weeks later the bass player, Bass Wolf died. After some time off, and with a new bass stand in, they’ve started touring again. But as far as I know, they still haven’t been through here. If I go to my grave not having seen them, I will die a bitter man.

The one thing that all Video Circus contributors have in common is a genuine fascination with Japanese counter culture. Often they take our stuff and strip it down or retranslate it into a purer form. Guitar Wolf is a perfect example. Pump the Ramones full of some sort of rock n’ roll growth hormone, stuff them in a blender along with every element of punk, garage rock and old school rock n’ roll, shoot lightning bolts of electricity through Frankenstein electrodes attached to the vat of goo and what will emerge is the most hardcore bad ass music ever played. The most rock n’ roll band in America, is from Japan.

I didn’t go see them that night because I was trying to get laid and the girl I was pursuing was at a party in West Philly. I would like to think Guitar Wolf would forgive me. After all, chasing pussy is always pretty rock n’ roll.

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– Jimi Jam

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