Faye Runaway Can Never Go Back

Pornstar Faye Runaway

Death by Party | It’s ok, we want her to stay

Swellco & Swellco International gave a wide birth in the development of this website. Initially the thought was that we should make exactly what people it what people want to see, no editing. And what do people want to see online? Sex and porn. All this technology and advancement boiled down to our animal instincts. So we started putting up fluff pages of beautiful sex industry workers. But almost right off the bat I started getting complaints internally. One person quit early on, so offended by a such a blatant decision to exploit the already exploited. We’ve heard concerns from the video performers that there would be an association with them and porn. (No one in the test videos have yet to remove their tops) There has even been criticism by readers that in the “lords of the underground” category, we have “real” performers and artists next to girls who fuck for money.

Most people would agree with me that nearly everything we do is for sex or to attract the opposite sex. It is our overwhelming motivator. The fact that the web is really just a massive porn delivery system lends itself to my argument. I would argue that a porn is really any other movie or form of entertainment stripped down to it’s prime essence. I would contend that fucking is every other act of living stripped down to it’s final goal. We fight to fuck, we make money to fuck, we build companies and nations to fuck. We die to fuck.

That being said, a sex industry worker should really be hailed as our greatest stars. They DO what Megan Fox and Christina Agulara only allude to. But they aren’t, right? Instead they represent the ultimate contradiction and hypocrisy in all of us. Here are some photos of Faye Runaway. This petite young Heather Gram look alike is beautiful and instantly charismatic by any standard. She has that instant girlfriend charm with an earnest sweetness in her eyes. She is clearly not the hardened sex worker pro. (yet) Faye Runaway is a girl that any guy would beam to have on his arm. Guys watch her fuck and fantasize about being with her. But because she gives her audience what we all want, she is a whore, not a star and no “normal” guy would ever date her. Annette really said it best, regarding this contradiction in an early entry. A porn star is a “saint, (a martyr) who gives her body up to the world for others pleasure.” Yesterday James wrote about the Lizard Man, stating that he was the ultimate outsider because he can “never go back.” Well Image Google Faye Runaway with the work safe mode off and then riddle me this, can she ever go back?

-R.E. Brown

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  1. So many wonderful page. I love the succulents mixed in the non-succulents. Great pics!

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  3. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was funny.
    Keep on posting!

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