Big Hips, Big Tits, Big Eyes, Big Lips

Fetish Model Persephone

Death by Party | Persephone=  Perfect woman

Here is my impression of Felicia drunk at Mcglinches last night “Am I dreaming all this?  I think I’m really being imprisoned in a basement. I have a pill habit and my boyfriend doesn’t love me wah wah wah.”

Anyway, I’m off the topic. Persephone was submitted to us and I’m glad. In my mind, she IS a lord of the underground. I’ve seen this chick around since I was a kid. She’s a fetish model, a pro dom and a burlesque dancer. It seems like when I was growing up, the web had so many hot goth chicks strutting around, they were the first web celebrities. There is something about a gothy girl that just drives me wild, (and something about goth dudes that makes me violent) Persephone is at the top of that list. She completely falls into the category that Annette was taking about last week. Big hips, big tits, big eyes, big lips. A pure male fantasy.  It works for me.

Be sure to check out her site here.

– James Jarvis

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