How To Identify A Satanic Murder Instructional Video

Death by Party | So romantic

This video on how to identify Satanic Ritual Murders (SRMs) makes me really sad, and kind of nostalgic.

When I first started worshiping Satan, I went to this Satanic Death Squad orientation. This boy Charlie kept passing notes to me and kept flirting with me. Finally he passed me a note saying “Would you sacrifice a goat with me?”  So we made plans to go out on the first full moon.

That Friday he asked me to meet him at the makeshift alter under the bridge on 95′ by the church whore house. We get there and right before Black Mass, he reaches into his “Satan Sack” and pulls out this black box. Black was my favorite color and the color of the box and absolutely perfect. Inside was a necklace with three dried, dead frogs. One green, one brown, and one olive frog. I looked up at him smiling and we both leaned in and I stabbed him. My first kill was absolutely magical and romantic. Even though the blood lust didn’t last long it was something I’ll always cherish.

Suddenly the Devil’s Gong rang and and I ran to the alter before I was late. During the entire mass, and into the after mass enemas, I couldn’t help but smile. I kept the body for about 2 months but it kind of just fell apart.

But I still have the dead frog charms he gave me, and the box that it came with. From time to time I still like to think of my first victim and my first kill.

-Annette Garcia

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