Puking Up Percs Always Gets You Another Lecture

Palace of Wonders burlesquePalace of Wonders burlesque

Death by Party | The Palace Of Wonders

I went to visit my sister last week down in Virginia. It’s something I always dread but I hadn’t been to the Palace in Wonders forever so I called her. If you don’t know, the Palace of Wonders is the only venue in the country dedicated purely to sideshow/burlesque acts. I feel a strange comfort there, I love hanging out in the museum level. If only you could drink at the Mutter Museum. But it was a mistake to bring my douche bag sister. She’s on a track into the whole D.C. political crowd and it’s sad. She bitched about the lack of seats, she thought the displays were gross, she complained about the service and my weirdo tastes. She’s a clone of my mom so of course it was just a matter of time before the lectures about working for sickos which led into back handed comments about the abortion and how my tattoos are going to haunt me some day. I just wanted to  watch the show but since it wasn’t in a slick trendy lounge she wouldn’t let me have that.  When I dropped her off she gave me some NA pamphlets and told me to call her when my life was straight. I guess when I puked up all the percs outside the Palace, I should have known another lecture was coming. Tyler Fire and Thrill Kill Jill are playing in a couple of weeks. I’m going back alone.
-Felicia Jackson

Check it out sometime, sibling free and on less than 120mg of percocet. Their site

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  1. Hey just a thought, you would probably get more readers if you interviewed controversial people for your blog.

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