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The lighter-haired girl, the one without the pigtails? Dead ringer for a girl I went to school with. I think her name was Michelle. I bet it is her. She always struck me as the kind of chick that would end up playing strip roulette with Death. I mean, if you’d asked me at the time, I probably would have just gone with stripping as her career choice but this doesn’t strike me as out of character for my old friend Michelle, yanno?

Of course it’s the school girl getup she went with- Michelle definitely peaked in high school. She had her bellybutton pierced with one of those awful dangle jewel things and she wore cut-offs so short the bottoms of her pockets stuck out. Her hair was almost a mullet- it had the aura of a mullet anyway- and her eyeliner was perpetually smudged. You could tell by looking at her that hand jobs in the more secluded corners of public spaces were her specialty. She wore lipstick and her legs were always bruised and we all wanted to be her but would never fucking admit it.

I bet she got knocked up right before she “graduated” and made the long slide from cocktail waitress to exotic dancer to turning tricks by the time she was 22. She’s too pretty to have really hit bottom. Doesn’t look like she’s rocketing to the top of her field though either. I wonder whatever happened with her whole….

Oh shit, she lost.

I liked the other girl better anyway.

-Courtney Shayne

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  1. alx says:

    what do you make your soundz with? I use logic…

  2. Tamarak12 says:

    Spitze Design hat dieser Blog. Woher hast du die Vorlage ? War bestimmt sehr teuer.

  3. Thank you for the boost!

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