You Have Got To Be Kidding

The horrifying world of Genki Genki

Death by Party | What Have You Done Genki-Genki? #1

So I’m thinking lets ratchet it up a notch. Enough of this pussy shit. Since I have the keys to this blog, and since Wheat Toast gets TWO of his own categories, I have taken it upon myself to start my own very special category that I am calling “What have you done Genki-Genki?” I am dedicating this category to Genki Genki and it’s twisted purveyor Daikichi Amano. I know our pet cause is supposed to Anti-bestiality awareness, but hey rules are different in Japan. But then in most peoples minds, Bestiality usually involves pets and farm animals, not squid, eel and fish. You want a daily inspiration, here you go.

-Marcus Aubrey

The horrifying world of Genki Genki

(warning, if you chose to go to this site, you might not come back the same)

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  1. bebe says:

    This is so exciting to see, I like the art work of toshio his work is extremely erotic. I like the one art where a baby is milking on her mother while the father rubs her to orgasm and the daughter is pleasuring the husband. This is the way it is, no one talks about it. But it is part of life.

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