Now That’s A Pretty Boy

Jeffree Star

Death by Party | Jeffree Star

Gender bending fascinates me. I’ve always been curious about what makes a man attracted to a woman and vice versa. I mean, the basics are obvious, but when with a good cross dresser gets thrown in, I think it gets more complicated than most guys will ever admit.

I showed a couple of guy friends a picture of Jeffree Star once and asked them what they thought. They went on and on in typical guy fashion about how they would love to bang her. “I’d fucker her till she broke” was one of the exact quotes. When I told them who it was they accused me of setting them up, of tricking them. But did I really trick them? Or is it that when they are confronted, they have to re-align their thinking to fit their own definitions of attraction. (or put on a front for their pals) Jeffree Star a L.A. scenester fabulous underground celebrity that mixes the confusion up even more. Jeffery wears the hair and makeup all the time, but rarely wears the drag outfits. The result is beautiful gorgeous woman that out glamour’s most ladies with the body of a skinny tattooed hipster boy. How distressing that has to be for the straight guys in the club. I bet their brain feels “set up” every few seconds.

My boyfriend Todd is still bothering me to hook up with another girl. I asked him if it would count if I made out with Jeffree Star. He said “no.” But he paused for a second first.

Confuse your own mind and also checkout Jeffree’s music here

-Felicia Jackson

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