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Grills should come with instructions. I say that because I’ve had to learn the hard way again and again. Here are some simple rules.

-Don’t use Super Glue to keep them in place.
-Don’t clean them with jewelry cleaner
-Don’t pull them in and out of your mouth with pliers. (Especially if you are using Super Glue to keep them in place)
-Don’t enter a corn on the cob eating contest.
-Don’t try and hide hits of LSD* inside your grill.
-Don’t blindly follow “How to clean a grill” on Ehow, they are talking about the BBQ kinda grill.
-Don’t give yourself prune juice enemas before bed.

I’ve had to replace several girlls and I only get the best. And the ONLY place to truly be sure you are getting the best is at They have super dope grills, but they also have medallions. They have rope chains. They have one, two three and four finger rings. I’m talkin’ gold, silver, diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. They have Kid Capri, Redman AND Marcus Aubrey as customers. I can spend hours on their site, it’s a whole other type of masturbating.

Be sure to check out their new Bombastic! line of ladies finger nail jewelry on their site

-Marcus Aubrey

*Death by Party does not condone or endorse the use of illegal substances and all references are fictional for entertainment purposes only.

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