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Death by Party | Candy Manson

Alright, the internal uproar about writing posts about pornstars, and the inclusion of a “fuck saint” category continues. Half the guys are on one side chanting “Midget Porn, Midget Porn” and Annie on the other screaming “gratuitous sexism.” I’m in the middle. I get what Robert says about the whole sex sells thing, but I also see Annie’s point. God knows my sexual tastes aren’t always the most mainstream. This is the video circus after all. So I volunteered to seek out the new “Saint” who gives her body up to the world for others pleasure.

I started doing some searches and I came across this hottie-Candy Manson.
Now I know the jack asses around here usually do something annoying like writing the post backwards or (umm ahem) go off on a tangent about golden showers, but as Johnny would say, it’s time for some real talk. It’s not just that I love the name, in my mind, Candy Manson IS a PORN STAR. Curvy hips, big round ass, huge round fake breasts, blonde hair, a trashy air. As a woman, this is what I envision a man envisioning when he thinks of a porn star. Honestly, I find this arch type less damaging than the bulimic stick figures that grace fashion magazines. All those girls out there sticking their fingers down their throats when the guys they are starving to impress are masturbating to girls with large everythings.

Now that I’ve done my part as peacemaker around here I can start my next entry for submission entitled, “Swellco & Swellco: are we ever going to get paid?” The other big issue around table.

Check out her site when you get a chance. It’s a tough life these girls choose, so give her some props.

-Annette Garcia

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