The Percocettes On Percocet

Philly Punk Band The Percocettes

Death by Party | The Percocettes – Hardcore mother fuckers

The Percocettes are totally the best fucking rock band around and I really mean that. I’m proud to say, I know Toothless George and he’s really fucking cool like the sweetest guy. I remember one time after a show the rest of the band had left and he was doing shots at the bar with me and a couple of other girls. He said he was going to the bathroom but didn’t come back. After a while I went outside to smoke a cigarette and he was passed out in the alley. I sat on the ground next to him. Suddenly I felt these big hands start rubbing my tits. It was George I guess he had stood up, but he was giant, like 10 feet tall. I tilted my head back to look at him and he was looking down at me with that big grin with the missing tooth. His head seemed really long and pointy and it was like this strange fluid started dripping from the gap where the missing tooth was and started splatting on my face. I thought I should get up, but his huge webbed hands were like wood vices on my breasts and it felt really good and I was sitting at the bar but it was really a coffee shop and I was telling my best friend Tina that I loved watching the Percocettes and she said she had to see them some time, she said she heard the singer was totally hot, I told her she was.

If you don’t believe me that they are the best rock band playing, check them out Cole is hot as shit and George will cum on your face.

-Felicia Jackson

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