The Illest Villain

Death by Party | MF Doom What?

MF Doom just beaks all the god damned rules of hip hop.

You’ll never see his gold chains bouncing off his six pack abs in the back seat of his Humvee stretch limo while naked bitches pour Hennessy on him.

He’s short.
He’s chubby.
He hides his face.
He wears Izods and Cosby sweaters.
He’s creepy.
He’s a nerd.

And his music is truly phenomenal. Who knew the dude down at the comic book store would have more skills and game than all the heads standing outside the club combined. I’m so jealous of his lyrical talent that I would capp his ass if I had a gun. But I don’t. So instead, I maintain an open offer of some of my popcorn chicken if Doom will come over to my house and play Xbox with me instead.

-Marcus Aubrey

Need to know more? Check his  site out.


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