Death By Fist

Kimbo Slice

Death by Party | Kimbo Slice

He’s pretty well in the mainstream spotlight these days, that is assuming you are into watching dude channels like Spike or G4, or if you’re into ultimate fighter cage fighting. (and  hey who isn’t right?) But Kimbo Slice came into prominence with a series of brutal viral street fight videos that swept youtube. This is a different kind of underground from wacky circus performers and drag queens. This is brutal, violent and pure machismo. While his agents are clearly trying to clean him up for middle America prime time, Kimbo Slice exudes the real deal. He thrived and ruled a world that most don’t want to acknowledge, and most don’t want to admit they are drawn to. We live in a time where we are told we are civilized, where we are told gladiators don’t exist. The dark reality that Kimbo represents is that no matter how you dress up our humanity in the fine linens of society, that fabric is always ready to tear. I dig smoking a spliff and watching Kimbo kick the shit out of some hapless back alley contender, on my laptop, where its safe and I can tell myself it’s just entertainment.

– James “Jimi Jam” Jarvis

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