The Devil’s Girl

Gothic Burlesque Keycifer Black

Death by Party | Keycifer Black

They say Philadelphia’s smoking hot burlesque dancer pistol whipped three lucha libre wrestlers who tried to touch her ass once. They say she knows kung fu and can bend steel bars with her head. They say she shotgunned 9 cans of pbr in less than 90 seconds once. That’s what they say about Key and I believe them. I believe them because I saw her getting busted outside the Dolphin Tavern once for indecent exposure and it took 36 billy club swinging, taser wielding cops to bring her down as the helicopters over head lit up her performance. She looked amazing doing it.

-Uncle Wheat Toast

Key performs with the Peek A Boo Revue,  The Dolphin, Fast Cheap and Out of Control and just about every other dance party that needs a smoking hot go-go girl.  Just don’t touch her ass.

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